August 12 2019

Public Engagement Begins

Councillor Emily Chorley, Coordinator of Parks & Recreation announces the launch of the seven week Public Engagement process for the Waterfront Plan - East Pier.
September 12 2019

Open House

Everyone is invited to attend the Waterfront - East Pier Open House to provide feedback and select the best option with cost for repair and enhancement.
September 23 2019

Survey, Forum and Story Feedback Modules Close

The online engagement tools (survey, forum and story modules) close at 4 p.m. EST.
September 24 2019

Feedback from Open House Being Reviewed

October 03 2019

Staff Report Submitted to Council

October 15 2019

Council Discussion

Cobourg Council will receive the final report from the six week Public Engagement Plan for review at the Committee of the Whole meeting.
October 21 2019

Council Decision

Cobourg Council will come to a decision based on the feedback provided by citizens, final report submitted by Shore Plan and discussion held at the Committee of the Whole meeting.